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Eating Disorder Therapy in Allen, TX

Eating disorders are complex, profoundly personal struggles that require compassionate care from trained professionals. Healthy Lifestyles, PLLC, offers eating disorder therapy in Allen, Texas, and we understand how eating disorders can affect mental, physical, and emotional health. We take a multifaceted approach to help individuals on their journeys to recovery. 

By addressing nutritional deficiencies in combination with effective, evidence-based therapeutic modalities, we aim to support each client’s recovery and enhance their physical and emotional well-being. 

Treatment for Eating Disorders

At Healthy Lifestyles, PLLC, we help individuals recover from eating disorders such as binge-eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia nervosa. These disorders often involve psychological, emotional, and physical factors—to treat eating disorders, we identify triggers, such as anxiety and negative thoughts surrounding food, weight, and eating. An eating disorder therapist will then evaluate the cause of these unhelpful thought patterns and rewrite them using psychotherapy tools for managing emotions, promoting positive self-talk and encouraging healthful behaviors. 

In-Home Nutrition Therapy

We also provide in-home nutrition therapy to work closely with you and create a custom plan to encourage healthful eating. We support mindful eating behaviors and can help with menu planning, purchasing food, and preparing food. With in-home nutrition therapy, our therapists will: 

  • Help you develop a structured meal plan 

  • Plan meals, buy groceries, or eat at a restaurant to help you challenge emotions surrounding food 

  • Ensure you receive the nutrition you need 

  • Help educate your friends and family to build a support system 

We provide regular follow-ups and plan adjustments as needed. 

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Healthy Lifestyles can guide you on your journey to recovery with eating disorder therapy in Allen, TX. We are a culturally sensitive office, and we will support you with a customized plan to improve your mental and physical well-being with effective psychotherapy tools. Contact us today to schedule an assessment.