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Emotional Eating

Are you feeling defeated and frustrated as you repeatedly struggle with your moods and emotional eating?  

Do your friends, family, and healthcare professionals worry about your weight and eating behavior?

You are not alone- many of my patients share similar stories in their sessions. These comments amplify the guilt, shame, negative self, and body talk leading to isolation. They have grown up with different messages about food, eating, and their bodies. These messages have overpowered their body's ability to tune into physical signals and carry the guilt and shame around food into adulthood.

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What Sessions Are Like:

In sessions, we will identify your triggers including negative internal messages around food, weight, and eating. We will re-write them, and develop a personalized plan that fits into your daily responsibilities. I offer in-person and virtual psychotherapy as well as functional nutrition therapy sessions. You have the choice of coming to the office in Allen, Texas, telehealth sessions or plan sessions in your home, at the grocery store and/or your favorite restaurants. Remember this personalized plan will not just be goal-oriented.

We will look at….

  • What purpose these goals are going to serve?
  • What activities will you be doing once you are free from your struggles?
  • What is that going to feel like?

You will create a ripple effect! The emotional eating tools and skills you learn and practice will now pass on to your family members- especially your children.

I would like to learn more about the sessions in a consultation.

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Imagine walking out the door every day with those feelings!

Our discussions and assignments will help you achieve this purpose and those feelings. Patients often say “Nobody has ever worked with me this way before….” It’s because, our work resonates with their sense of purpose and the desire to live a lifestyle free from obsessing about their food, weight, and eating.

My goals are your goals – to embrace what "healthy" means and looks like for you, not just in your refrigerator, but in your heart and mind. You will also create a ripple effect! The emotional eating tools and skills you learn and practice will now be passed on to your family.

Are you already seeing a psychotherapist or nutrition therapist? Do not worry; I can work in either role and will make sure my work complements the work of your other treatment professionals. We’ll work together on self-advocacy, what health looks like for you, and how to make the best choices for your emotional and nutritional care going forward.

WARNING: Even though this is not a weight loss program, your weight may unintentionally adjust as you develop a more positive outlook on food, weight, and eating!