Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and Depression can lead to and be the cause of emotional eating struggles.

The root cause of your struggle with Depression and Anxiety can be any one or combination of the following:

  • neurotransmitter imbalances
  • academic, marital, medical, family, and/or professional stressors
  • trauma – physical, mental, emotional, sexual
  • poor digestive health- most of the serotonin to help manage mood is made in your gut!
  • poor nutrient diet
  • blood sugar imbalance- high-sugar binge foods tend to soothe anxiety or numb emotional pain
  • poor emotional and physical self-care

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Psychotherapy is helpful for working with the brain to:

  • understand the past experiences and negative thinking patterns that lead to depression and anxiety.
  • use strategies to re-wire those neurons and change your thinking to more positive thoughts.
  • use different types of self-care and relaxation strategies to soothe anxiety and emotional pain.
  • plan lifestyle changes to ensure adequate sleep, physical activity, and quality time with friends and family.

Nutrition Therapy and Functional Nutrition Interventions can complement this by:

  • ensuring adequate nutrient intake for brain health and mood support through meal planning, purchasing, and preparation… and, if needed, nutrition supplements.
  • identifying and addressing food sensitivities to maintain optimal health and function of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • challenging any negative thoughts and feelings about food, weight, and eating.

Sometimes weekly outpatient therapy is not adequate to help manage your anxiety and depression symptoms. We may assess if the frequency of outpatient sessions helps relieve you of your symptoms. If not, we may determine a higher level of care.  The Sojourn Center in Plano is a community partner that provides intensive outpatient services to help you find relief sooner from your anxiety and depression symptoms.
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