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What my clients have to say about New Paradigms Therapy Group for Food, Mood and Eating Struggles, and from previous years.

Group Member from Dallas TX

"This group helped me come out of denial about binging, comfort, addiction to sugar and self care. I became more of aware of the "head chatter" and learned to challenge my thoughts. I will forever be grateful. Each week I was encouraged by the email threads. When I engaged I felt more connected. What a blessing to have that along with the information Nimisha provided and her quiet, unexpected challenges.May we always trudge this journey allowing others in so we suffer less and thrive more. Thank you to each of you for sharing your stories with me, providing a safe place to talk about less sociably acceptable illnesses/challenges and your feedback and suggestions which positively impacted me."

NP Group member now relocated to NYC

"Nimisha, I'm not sure if you remember me. I attended your group for a few weeks and then decided it wasn't right for me. In my last session, you asked us to come back the following week with basically a dream board, or something we were interested in, something we wanted for our lives. I remember raising my hand and saying that I already knew what mine was. It was to move to New York. And I remember tears coming to my eyes. I wanted to let you know that I'll be starting my new job in New York City on the 15th. Although I only attended your group for a few sessions, you helped me identify something that I wanted so badly but that I thought I couldn't have. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you."


"So, glad I spoke to you!! I feel so relieved..I feel so positive and so much less anxious!! You are amazing at what you do and your advise is golden. I am so grateful. I really want to tell people how much you have helped me and how you are so good about drawing things from our conversation and be such a great help!!"

S.P., Allen TX

"I like Ms. Patel as my therapist as she helped me understand my situation better and gave me tools to help me in dealing with my problems and life. She helped me not only emotionally, but also with conflict resolving and nutrtion issues as I was dealing with being depressed with my pregnancy and its aftercare. She is very understanding and considerate person."

J.D., Dallas, TX

"I am really happy I made the decision to come and see Ms Patel. In 6 visits, I learned cognitive tools which have helped me gain more control over my emotions and eating habits. I feel this is an ongoig process and Ms. Patel is a supportive therapist."

W.Y., Plano,TX

"I have found Namisha Patel to be a fine therapist. She is very caring and easily related to my problems. I felt very comfortable relating personal feelings to her. She also has a friendly office environment and is flexible concerning appointment times.'

B.A., Allen, TX

"I have developed patience. I don't overreact. I don't hesitate in telling my therapist my issues. I feel relieve when I discuss specific situations."

B.D., Plano, TX

"I feel like I've come a long ways from where I was ........... I feel like I'm trusting you more and more which is making it easier for me to be more honest with you."

M.J.A., Dallas,TX

"My goals are definitely being met in treatment. I've learned tools that have made coping with issues much easier.

The office couldn't have been placed in a better location. Just 2 minutes from home. Ms. Patel has been a wonderful therapist: caring supportive and professional. She has made this task of "taking care of myself" and enormously valuable experience."

T.B., McKinney, TX

"When starting with Ms Patel, I didn't really have any goal except to "feel better"; however, I have realized that goal and do feel much better. Ms Patel has taught me to monitor my emotional downs to ensure that depression doesn't creep up on me before I can do anything to correct the problems. It has been very useful to refer back to original documentation re: depression and faulty thinking to correct my thought patterns. I appreciate her technique of allowing me to vent my frustrations throughout the month, then bring the subject to a more useful question and answer period to help me organize my frustration/thoughts."

K.F., Dallas, TX

"I believe therapy has helped me a lot. Going into it, I thought I only had problems from the past, but I have many current issues to deal with first. I am getting more out of therapy that I thought. You let me go at my own pace and do not mind when I talk about things more than once. The appointment times are very convenient and so is the location."

F.Q. Parent, Garland TX

"From the first time I spoke to Namisha, she has put me at ease and help me understand  our feelings and what the process would be. She has been very patient and understanding, helpful in every aspect. She has answered all my questions and made me feel better about the ones she couldn't. She has helped me feel that we have help and things are improving. That there is help and I am in good hands."

J.J., Garland, TX

"My goals have been met with Nimisha. I started out hating myself, and now I have self-worth."

J.C. Dallas, TX

"Great group. Have not met goals but feel group is very beneficial."

J.D., Plano, TX

"I definitely feel like I've gained self confidence and the ability to recognize what some of the emotional triggers are that cause me to over-eat. And this is after 5 visits! I am very pleased and would recommend Nimisha to anyone who is trying to gain control of their life. Nimisha is wonderful."

S.B. Dallas, TX

"Group has been an encouraging place where I can be completely honest and understood. The dynamic really helps me feel supported and not alone as it relates to my food and body image issues. Nimisha brings a great deal of knowledge and perspective that helps us progress and grow."

Group member from Plano, TX

"This group provides a forum in which in which to learn respect for the process of dealing with food, eating and body image with the kindness and "knowing" ears of understanding. Facing the challenges of food addiction/compulsion eating becomes bearable with GRACE and TRUTH. I now know I am not alone."