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Family Stress

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Unfortunately, even though the larger Western society may see us as a ‘model minority” we also have children, teens, and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, drug abuse, eating disorders, and marital problems to name a few. How many times have you heard of a South Asian teen and adult dying by suicide? Or a South Asian individual violently, fatally hurting a family member because mental health issues were not addressed?

You don’t have to struggle alone. Psychotherapy sessions will give you an outlet to share the feelings you have pushed down inside. My office is a private, confidential space where you can express your sadness, frustration, anger, pressure, and stress. Nobody will know! Once you can express these emotions, we will work on developing coping, communication, and boundary-setting skills. You can also invite a trusted friend or family member to the therapy sessions.


South Asian men often have a lot of pressure to financially support a whole family which may consist of three generations. Not all but many do. This may add to the pressure of expectations from their professional responsibilities. Stress, anxiety, depression, and feeling overwhelmed often spill into their marriages, relationships with children and parents as well as their performance in professional settings. 

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Regardless of culture, many of us have been raised to focus on our appearance, being nurturers, people pleasers, and taking care of everyone else before our own needs.

Taking care of our own needs? That just feels selfish

But we become resentful and “bitchy”- yes you heard me! I know because I was that person once and I still have to catch myself! You don’t feel like you have a voice or control over what you want. You hold it in and then vent to other women. We focus so much on our children and making sure that they excel in their education and careers. We lose ourselves and then get upset when our kids don’t do what we want them to. We have high expectations of ourselves and from the family around us and we feel stressed and overwhelmed. Like with the men, these feelings spill over into marriages, relationships with children and parents as well as their performance in professional settings

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So how can you successfully navigate your family culture with the larger societal culture with different values and beliefs? Raising children, communicating in marriages, and juggling the values and belief systems between aging parents and children/adults can be very challenging. We have to consider the influences and value systems within our ethnic culture and family culture and the large societal culture.

Which language is used in therapy?

Any language. I am more comfortable with English and Gujarati- you really don’t want to hear me speak another language LOL!

There are other South Asian Desi Counselors who speak a variety of languages whom I can refer you to.

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Do you take insurance?

Please remember that insurance companies are permitted to audit therapy notes and therefore can have access to your information. When you privately pay for your sessions, HIPAA policies will protect your private health information being accessed by any other third party.

If you want to use another insurance, please go to Mentaya. You will be financially responsible for the fees at the time of the sessions. Mentaya will let you know how much you will be reimbursed through your out-of-network benefits.

Check benefits:

Please remember that you can also use your HSA cards to cover the cost of your therapy sessions.

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