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Therapy for the South Asian Community

South Asian (Desi) Counseling

Our South Asian community in DFW consists of people from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Even though we look the same to the world outside, I know that our cultural values and belief systems vary among communities between these countries and within these countries.

What also varies within the South Asian community is how and where we grew up and how our country of origin influenced our values and beliefs. Some of us firmly believe in the cultural values of the countries we were raised in and some of us prefer a blend of our ethnic culture and the larger societal Western culture. Others are very comfortable only living with Western values and beliefs because that’s where they were born and raised. None of these are WRONG! But you may conflict with friends, family, and co-workers with a different set of cultural values and belief systems.

It's often difficult for us to consider counseling even though we have so many South Asian (Desi) counselors in DFW. As a community, we value our privacy and we try to "fix" family problems ourselves because we don’t want to discuss our personal problems with a stranger- “What would people say!” “How will I ever get my children married if people know about this problem?”  Am I right?

Therapy can help you develop communication and problem-solving skills that help you live a life based on your values while holding mutual respect with people who have a different set of values. We may all be different in our thinking but we're NOT WRONG!

How Can Psychotherapy Help Me?

My sessions will be focused on your life experiences in the countries that you were raised in-whether they be in South Asia or not. These life experiences maybe contributing to your current conflicts. My office is a safe, private space to share your struggles whether they be cultural conflicts, marital conflicts, parenting conflicts, or conflicts within academic settings or careers. You choose in-office or virtual sessions to best complement your availability. Regardless your private health information is private and will be protected!  

Psychotherapy can help you understand the root causes of your struggles with anxiety, depression, emotional eating, family stress, and work stress. You will develop communication and problem-solving skills that help you live a life based on your values. An additional benefit is that you will now pass these skills on to your family members. Learning to have mutual respect for people who have a different set of values is important to resolving conflicts. We may all be different in our thinking but we're NOT WRONG! 

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About me:

My parents were born and raised in Gujarat, India but I was born in East Africa and raised in the UK. Throughout my childhood, adolescence, and adult years I have lived in mostly South Asian communities including Wembley in the UK, Chicago, Central New Jersey, and now in Plano Texas.