Food and Mood Freedom

Food and Mood Freedom

Food and Mood Freedom

Repairing and Restoring Your Relationship
with Your Food, Mood, and Weight

Nimisha Patel, LCSW-S, RD/LD

Do you want the freedom to...

  • Stop dieting and eat without guilt and shame?
  • Enjoy wearing clothes that fit your style and are easy to move in?
  • Taste and experience the texture, and pleasure of eating food?
  • Enjoy vacations and special events and take photos with family and friends?
  • Develop a personalized gut and brain-friendly nutrition plan that targets brain fog, poor digestion, and embarrassing bloating?

Lets talk more about how you want Freedom in your life.

Sometime during today, you either drove past a billboard, scrolled on social media, or maybe flipped through a magazine while waiting for an appointment or to checkout at the grocery store. Almost everywhere we look there is a message about how our bodies should look to be happy, healthy, and acceptable to others around us.  Is it any wonder that people are struggling in their relationship with their food, their moods, and their weight? You are NOT alone! We are bombarded with nutrition shoulds and shouldnt's that promise to help us reach that ideal weight, shape, and size. In the process, we lose the ability to listen to our bodies as we did as babies and children.

At HealthyLifestyles, we will help you:

• Reclaim that ability to listen to your body

• Reveal the triggers that are leading to your struggles

• Identify the root cause of the cravings and develop strategies to manage them

Lets discuss where this fits in your recovery.

We will identify personalized, meaningful goals where you confidently make lifelong (not just for the summer!) decisions about your food, mood, and eating. We will dig deep into the "WHY" and visualize the quality of life you expect when you reach these goals? Is it about being fit and strong enough to travel with family and friends, or being present and playing with your kids or grandkids on the floor? We will figure out your "WHY".

Unsure about your "WHY"? Schedule a consult.

Repairing and Restoring Relationships in South Asian Families

As South Asians, we strive to live the best personal and professional lives possible. Sometimes, life throws curve balls that are not easy to deal with and you have difficulty functioning in your personal, academic, and/or professional lives.

Don't let "what will people say" get in your way! If you had a medical condition, you would go to see a medical doctor. Your mental health and emotional struggles are equally important and can be addressed by a licensed mental health professional. You don't have to suffer in silence. There are ways to manage stress in your personal and professional life.

Let's Talk About How Therapy Can Help You.

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