New Paradigms : Healing the Past with Positive Self Talk and Photos.


During a recent the New Paradigms group, we talked about our worthiness for self care and positive self talk so we don't have to turn to food to manage feelings. Such an intelligent and compassionate group of women! They could never have imagined using the same negative talk with another human or a pet as they did towards themselves. They just didn't feel like they deserved it.
As many women struggling with Binge Eating , they are caught in this cycle of: struggling to cope with emotions, eating food to soothe and comfort, feeling guilt, shame and often disgust with themselves leading to low self worth and self esteem returning to those same difficult emotions again. So entrenched in their negative self talk, they were ready to dismiss the activity.
But they dug deep and found they did have the capability for self care- not always obvious but it was there! The TED talk:"Feelings: Handle them before they handle you"| Mandy Saligari lead our conversation. Looking forward to seeing pictures of them as children as a start to the practice of more intentional positive self talk. They don't have to believe the self talk in the beginning- just practice doing it!
If you or someone you know is struggling alone and using food to cope with emotions. If you're curious about learning more in the Food and Mood Tool Box as you work towards a healthy lifestyle, please join us in the New Paradigms Group on Saturdays every two weeks from 11am to 12.30pm. You will see that you are not alone and your story is similar in many ways to the others around you. Call Nimisha at 469 854 1656 to register or email her at