Ultra Glucose Control- another Tool in the Food and Mood toolbox

Ideally, food and therapy strategies are among the first tools we want our patients to use to nourish themselves. However, uncontrolled binge eating behavior, and anxiety fed by sugar, caffeine and nicotine leaves both treatment professionals and patients alike just feeling“stuck”!
But when a patient is feeling helpless and hopeless, a new tool like a powder supplement called Ultra Glucose Control from Metagenics can be helpful.
I have had a couple of patients, myself and a family member try this. Patients have reported that it has offset a binge or reduced the amount of the binge. Personally I found it filling when I added it to my morning smoothie.
Making up the supplement in 10 oz of water gives the patient a quick and easy drink when the triggers to binge eat are strong.  It assists in blood sugar balance which is so helpful for diabetics as well as patients with binge eating and mood disorders. Also my patients have reported it helps with satiety to avoid a binge or reduce the food eaten in a binge.
Go to https://healthylifestyles.metagenics.com/ultra-glucose-control for more information about Ultra Glucose Control. Sure, it is extra spending but it's quick and convenient and saves money if it stops them from spending it on binge foods, coffee and cigarettes.