Are You Thoughts Tricking you for a Treat?

For many people Halloween becomes a challenge between "I don’t want to deprive myself but I’m afraid I might lose control of how much I eat if I start". You may see yourself as an intuitive eater or an addicted eater or you may have kids or not. Putting aside the debate about which is more legitimate, I thought I would focus on the tools you can use to manage whatever thoughts and feelings you maybe experiencing during the evening.

So, how can you manage "Tricky Halloween Though

If you're feeling really vulnerable and believe you maybe easily triggered:

  1. Lets start at the beginning of the day. Eat meals and/or  snacks every three to four hours and include protein-rich  foods to keep your blood sugar levels stable and curb those cravings in the evening. For you intuitive eaters, if you are going to challenge yourself then do it after a protein rich meal. Sit down and slowly and mindfully eat the sweet treat. Feel the texture and taste the flavors in the treat. Write about it in your journal this helps you identify the thoughts and feelings associated with the treat.

  2. On Halloween night, you can make plans to be with friends and family outside of your home and avoid giving out candy altogether. Maybe a nice meal at a favorite restaurant with a sweet treat that's more satisfying than Halloween candy. Make sure your main meal is rich in protein to avoid those unnecessary sugar highs followed by lows and cravings.

  3. Prepare a special meal at home and have family and friends join you. Maybe a potluck? Top of the evening with a special "feel good" movie. Again make sure the meal is a rich protein meal.

  4. You can leave a bowl of candy outside for people to help themselves. When its gone its gone!

  5. I know that's hard for those of you who have young kids really excited about Halloween- how can you just "ex" it?! That's when you enlist your supports- people to hand out candy for you, staying in touch with your family, friends or recovery peers to hold yourself accountable. Make sure a protein rich meal is ready for you.

  6. A great time to get out that list of tools you use to distract and divert yourself away. Listen to music, dance, do your breathing exercises, yoga- remember that tool kit?

  7. Delegate purchasing the candy to someone else on the day of Halloween and make sure it does not include your favorites. If you want to take advantage of sales then buy it or have somebody else buy and  put it away.

  8. If you're feeling brave and want to use your recovery tools to allow yourself to sample in moderation as the evening progresses, make sure you have a supportive friend or family member with you. Plan ahead and review your recovery tools so they are  ready to use when and if you need them.

  9. Find a local dentist who is willing to take all the extra candy from you so you don't have it in the house.

  10. Finally, there's nothing to say you have participate in Halloween altogether