Hello and Welcome!

After practicing for almost 30 years as a dietitian and 20 years as a therapist, its clear that not every strategy works for everybody all the time. Furthermore, these strategies are constantly challenged by shame and guilt related to binge and compulsive eating. These behaviors are entangled with anxiety and depression leading people to isolate to protect themselves or bury their thoughts and feelings deep under their chaotic daily lives rationalizing that they are OK- "its just the way it is". As a psychotherapist and functional nutrition professional, I look forward to sharing information about the root causes to people's struggle with anxiety, depression, binge and compulsive eating and discussing interventions to address these causes. Factors such as family history of depression and anxiety, family values about food, weight and eating, dieting history, medical history, self image and body image, stress management, attitude towards exercise, nutrient intake and absorption are used to assess health and plan personalized interventions. My goal for this blog is to share with you ideas, thoughts and strategies as I practice- whether it be YouTube videos, webinars, books, movies, nutritional testing and products or "light bulb" moments that occur as I practice. I know some of these will resonate for somebody out there to make a difference and move onto the next step forward in their recovery. I would also like to welcome you to groups and workshops I hold on a regular basis so you can come in and continue the process of learning more about yourself and your body. Watch out for dates posted every month. Of course , if you are ready to begin your work to address your root causes to your struggles, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.