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Happy New Year from HealthyLifestyles!

Tried this new Greek Style Black Eye Pea recipe yesterday and really enjoyed it! I always talk about meals that can be made ahead of time with the folks I work with and this is definitely one of them. Why? It's a hearty stew for those of us who choose to be vegan, vegetarian or not! Add chopped cooked chicken if you're missing or needing more protein for a main meal. It's full of flavor and vegetables and of course black eye peas for those of you wanting more fiber, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients in your diet. EVOO provides you with the monounsaturated fats - you can modify as needed. Really it can be made at any other time of the year using different beans-a warm heartier version of a salad 

Credit where credit is due- I found this at one of my latest new recipe website find:

Enjoy! Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and happy New Year!

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