“Five Ways to Ask for Help in Your Binge Eating Recovery ”

Asking for support from family and friends when you start your recovery from Binge eating can be filled with shame driven by your own negative self and body talk. These are some ways to help you get the process started and what to watch out for as you put together your support team.

1. Prime yourself first. That negative self and body talk needs to be pushed aside. Practice positive affirmations like “I deserve…” and “I believe….”- say it out loud to yourself in the mirror in a loud and confident voice so you can use that same voice when you approach your friend or family member. 2. Enlist friends and family members who are non-judgemental listeners. Recall times in the past where you have turned to each other for help and have successfully worked through struggles together. If they were able to support you back then, they will be able to support you now. Also remember, you are not looking for a “fixer”! If you already have the tools then you are needing somebody to just listen and support and help you be accountable. 3. Seek out online groups of people who are also struggling with the same issues. Explore  Social Media and Meet Up groups. They can identify with your thoughts and feelings and exchange strategies as you go through recovery. But remember a good support is a good listener not an “enabler”, a”fixer” or a “saboteur”. 4. Build your own treatment team. This needs to consist of professionals who are knowledgeable about Eating Disorders and specifically Binge Eating. Looking for a CEDS/CEDRD credential is a good start. If you feel out of control with your binge eating all the time, consider an evaluation by a treatment facility for a  Residential Program, Partial Hospitalization Program or an Intensive Outpatient Program. These “wrap around” services will really help you to get that jump start. 5. Sometimes it’s hard to communicate boundaries with people who are not mindful of your recovery needs. Here are some ideas:
  • “I enjoy spending time with you but it’s difficult listening to you talk about losing weight.”
  • Instead of eating out, I would really like to prepare a meal together at home and spend quality time with you.”
  • Can I make a suggestion to eat at  (name restaurant) at  (state time)?”