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"Being a guy with Binge Eating......"

Binge Eating is one of those Eating Disorders that are not always obvious because of the guilt, shame, and secrecy that surrounds the behavior.  People are often isolated from their supports and find themselves alone with the food and too ashamed to ask for help. Being a guy with Binge Eating Disorder in a world where Eating Disorders are stereotyped as more associated with females, it becomes even more difficult to seek help. As I work with men struggling with Binge Eating in individual sessions, my challenge is how to engage them in a group so they don't feel they are alone but part of a community with others struggling in the same way. 

I was able to start up a group called New Paradigms for women but discussing the idea of a group for men just seemed really awkward and uncomfortable for the potential participants. "Talking about thoughts and feelings with other men- what -are you kidding me?!" So, how do I find a community/group for these men to belong to? Maybe a small education group for men to start off with.... and then I saw a recent article about Ryan Sheldon in the Huffington Post where I learned about his struggle with Binge Eating and the work he is doing to help men who are struggling with Binge eating. I went onto explore his journey and saw that he had different ways that he creates a community for people with Binge Eating disorder to seek support and take their first steps towards seeking treatment. 

To find more information about Ryan Sheldon go to: Mr.Confessions 

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If you are a guy who believes he might have Binge Eating disorder and would like to start individual treatment and be part of a group/community of other men, please contact me for a complimentary consultation at 469 854 1656.