My Experience

So, before I share my training and experience, what makes me feel successful is the gratitude and positive feedback I receive from my patients as we move together in their journey towards recovery. This tells me I have succeeded in supporting and guiding them through their painful struggles while providing them with a safe, private space to do their work.

My training? Well, I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for 30 years working with weight management followed by Eating Disorders. I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker 20 years ago and now as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, I only work with adults struggling with anxiety, depression,  binge, and compulsive eating. Why? Because I truly believe that they have their own set of unique needs. Together, in groups and individual sessions, we focus on the struggles with Binge Eating and Compulsive Eating Disorders and their partners in crime- Depression, and Anxiety.

After working in a residential facility with people recovering from addictions and going through my own health issues, I saw the role played by gut health and brain biochemistry along with intuitive eating in our food and mood struggles. I now practice psychotherapy and integrate functional nutrition interventions into my nutrition therapy.

What is functional nutrition? The function and availability of nutrients to support our brain health, gut microbiome health, and hormonal health are equally important and complements the work done in psychotherapy and nutrition therapy.

Looking for support and guidance on your journey to a joyful, fulfilling life free of mood and eating struggles?… I will be waiting for you in that same safe, private office space to join you on your journey!

Take Care:)